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Bug Detectors

SpyFinder ® PRO Hidden Camera Detector

$198.00 $148.00

Are Hidden Cameras Watching You Right Now? You won’t believe how small hidden cameras are these days. Often no bigger than a pinhole, these tiny spy cameras are concealed inside everyday objects such as clocks, glasses, lamps, picture...

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Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless Protocols


Designed as a Smartphone and GPS detection devices the DD1207 offers highly sophisticated portable detection in an easy to operate handheld scanner. Capable of detecting the most common digital cellular frequencies, the system offers the ability to...

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Spy Matrix® ProMax GPS Tracker Detector

$395.00 $348.00

The Best Way To Find Hidden GPS Trackers Lawmate technology is proud to offer a Law Grade bug detector solution from Spy Matrix. Now available to the public for the first time, GPS tracking signals EXPOSED. When you suspect there may be a hidden GPS...

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Law grade bug detection brought to you buy Spy Matrix. Using advanced detection technology, these are guaranteed to find any covert spy devices that could be invading your privacy. No matter what type of hidden camera, GPS tracker, wire-tapping device, or more, these will allow you to stop someone from listening to your conversations, tracking you using covert trackers,  or watching you without your knowledge.  Guaranteed to work or your money back. No questions asked.