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Body Worn Cameras

PV-EG20CL Clear Spy Glasses Hidden Camera

$395.00 $295.00

Record Stunning 720p HD Hidden Video Recording LawMate is bringing Covert Surveillance Glasses back to the market. Move seamlessly from outdoors to indoors with the stylish PV-EG20CL Clear Glass Solution. LawMate packed these hidden specs with a...

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BU-18NEO 1080P Button Camera Kit


New and Improved Ruggedized LawMate Button Camera. The rugged twist button camera offers an ultra secure connection to ensure the camera will not come unplugged. Compatible Only with PV-500NEO-PRO & PV-500NEO.   Ruggedized Button Camera...

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BU-19 (NTSC) Covert Button & Screw CCD Camera

$349.00 $189.95

The LawMate C1020/BU-18 Reliable Button Camera just got an Upgrade. The 700 TVL High resolution CCD image sensor captures high quality color video and offers the best in body worn surveillance for law enforcement and investigations. Button or screw lens...

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CM-BU18 720P CMOS HD Button Color Camera

$299.00 $170.00

720P Color Button Camera A cost effective HD LawMate Button Camera Kit. Works with all our DVR's. It's covert design gives you the ability to record anywhere while wearing the button like camera. The Miniture Size button design, makes this camera...

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CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera

$395.00 $245.00

Capture video with this useful body-worn camera. Ideal for on-the-go covert recording, this Tie Clip Camera plugs into our hand held digital video recorders. Features: Covert Easy to use Quick Install Body Worn Specifications: Video...

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ER-18(NTSC) Tactical Headset Camera

$499.95 $395.00

The latest in professional-grade wired cameras for our handheld DVR line of products, the Tactical Camera 550 features 550 TV lines for great high resolution recording. Use it to record NTSC video with the super-fine CCD sensor for great quality videos...

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PV-50HD Micro DVR w/ HD Camera

$395.00 $169.00

The DVR006 is a micro HD DVR with a built-in color camera. Equipped with an internal HD color camera and a 5MP HD camera input the micro DVR is suitable for mobile and stationary surveillance. Features: Built in 720P high definition camera for...

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PV-EG20DL Spy Sunglasses Hidden Camera

$395.00 $295.00

Record Stunning 720p HD Hidden Video Recording LawMate has reintroduced Covert Surveillance Sunglasses to the market. The Lawmate PV-EG20DL has been designed with a practically invisible camera lens set in a modern black frame and tinted glass with...

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PV-RC200HD2 Car Remote Control Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $499.95

Sale Price: $268.00

Covertly record video in HD with this handheld hidden Key Chain Camera. Its on-board DVR system takes a small memory card while the pinhole cameras records surveillance video in HD.   A favorite of undercover police and private investigators HD...

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PV-RC300 MINI Thumb Size Camcorder

$299.00 $169.00

A HD camera with up to 1280 x 960 and audio this small puts being a detective in the palm of your hand. Capable of taking videos or photos, this tiny camcorder records directly to a micro memory card for excellent covert evidence. So...

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