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Hidden Cameras

LawMate Surveillance Kit

$2,000.00 $1,450.00

With this blendable hidden camera technology into everyday items this surveillance kit can change the game when it comes to collecting evidence. Mission ready, this case makes it easy to keep track and transport your surveillance devices regardless of...

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BU-18NEO 1080P Button Camera Kit


New and Improved Ruggedized LawMate Button Camera. The rugged twist button camera offers an ultra secure connection to ensure the camera will not come unplugged. Compatible Only with PV-500NEO-PRO & PV-500NEO.   Ruggedized Button Camera...

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PV-RC200HD2(KR) Car Remote Keychain Hidden Camera

Retail Price: $395.00

Sale Price: $249.00

Stunning 1080p HD Hidden Video Recording & Snap Shots  LawMate has equipped the latest Keychain Hidden Camera with a sleek new body featuring the smallest 5M pin-hole camera made specifically for recording. This is a 4 in 1 device, record...

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PV-CG20 Car Charger Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision

Retail Price: $395.00

Sale Price: $328.00

Every worry about your car security or car vandalism? Do you own or work for a car service company and need an in car hidden camera to record activity inside the car. This hidden car surveillance camera is very discreet its looks and functions just like...

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RD-10 RF Detector

$199.00 $149.95

The smallest multifunctional RF detection device available. Equipped with the ability to find transmitting and non-transmitting cameras, this handy tool is the perfect surveillance sweep companion that is just small enough to take anywhere. A little...

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CM-EP10 Fake Earphones Hidden Camera

$229.00 $195.00

Miniature-sized earphone-type wired camera, for covert surveillance application use. Features a high-resolution camera and a low-power consumption CMOS camera. The Earphone-Style Wired CCD Camera is compatible with our line of portable DVR units...

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NT-19PLUS 700TVL Neck Tie Camera

$229.00 $209.95

This cleverly designed hidden camera is disguised as a common neck tie. The camera is secretly mounted within the tie and can be easily recorded through a tiny pinhole to a handheld DVR. NT-19 Plus Main Features: HD Resolution - 700 TV Lines...

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NT-18HD 1080P Neck Tie Camera

$229.00 $209.95

LawMate NT-18HD is a Full HD 1080 p digital CMOS Tie camera specially designed for the PV-500HDW and PV-500HDW Pro Wi-Fi DVRs. The NT-18 HD camera is a new version of the analogue NT-18 (550 TV Line CCD) and compatible with Wi-Fi DVRs only. It comes in...

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HB-18HD 1080P Handbag Covert Camera

$229.00 $209.95

Whether you wear it over the shoulder or place it on a flat surface, this covert handbag is a perfectly disguised hidden camera. The bag is designed to be large enough for your personal belonging and still has enough room for the recording device you'll...

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Q-BU-18HD CMOS 1080P Color Cone Camera w/ Lens

$229.00 $190.00

3MP CMOS pinhole button camera 1080p, 0.1 Lux @ F2.0 (50IRE) great low-light sensitivity Brand-new conical-shaped button design Self-contained invisible microphone, single cable design Adopts lightweight, ultra-thin design cables 78 degrees of...

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PV-500L4I Handheld Wi-Fi DVR

$449.00 $379.00

Stream live video over the internet with this handheld DVR that connects to LawMate CCD and CMOS cameras. Easily fits in your pocket to provide high quality video recording and streaming. Set up your own sting with this handheld DVR that connects to a...

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PV-RC200HD2 Car Remote Control Hidden Camera w/ DVR

Retail Price: $499.95

Sale Price: $268.00

Covertly record video in HD with this handheld hidden Key Chain Camera. Its on-board DVR system takes a small memory card while the pinhole cameras records surveillance video in HD.   A favorite of undercover police and private investigators HD...

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PV-50HD Micro DVR w/ HD Camera

$395.00 $169.00

The DVR006 is a micro HD DVR with a built-in color camera. Equipped with an internal HD color camera and a 5MP HD camera input the micro DVR is suitable for mobile and stationary surveillance. Features: Built in 720P high definition camera for...

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CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera

$395.00 $245.00

Capture video with this useful body-worn camera. Ideal for on-the-go covert recording, this Tie Clip Camera plugs into our hand held digital video recorders. Features: Covert Easy to use Quick Install Body Worn Specifications: Video...

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BU-18HD(CONE) CMOS 1080P Color Camera Cone Lens

$249.00 $170.00

The cone shaped lens brings this button camera to the next level of disguise! This lightweight easily hidden camera comes with a cone lens that makes it a easier to put up against a flat surface like a drop ceiling.  Note: Specifically made for...

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CM-BU18 720P CMOS HD Button Color Camera

$299.00 $170.00

720P Color Button Camera A cost effective HD LawMate Button Camera Kit. Works with all our DVR's. It's covert design gives you the ability to record anywhere while wearing the button like camera. The Miniture Size button design, makes this camera...

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BU-19 (NTSC) Covert Button & Screw CCD Camera

$349.00 $189.95

The LawMate C1020/BU-18 Reliable Button Camera just got an Upgrade. The 700 TVL High resolution CCD image sensor captures high quality color video and offers the best in body worn surveillance for law enforcement and investigations. Button or screw lens...

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